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20 Trending Strains

As cannabis breeding evolves, so do the tastes of its consumers. Aside from a few staple strains, you can expect to see a mostly new set of names on the menus of dispensaries and delivery services every year. In fact, you may have noticed the strains you cherished just a couple of years ago are […]

How Does Cannabis Impact Fertility? It Depends on Who You Ask

For one reason or another, many of the world’s most populous nations are seeing their populations decline. The most telling country is Japan. As of 2018, the average number of children born in the country had declined for 37 straight years. The country has sought out alternative methods to offset the population reduction. This includes […]

A Few Things to Know Before Cooking with Cannabis

There are many different ways you can choose to enjoy cannabis. It can be smoked, vaporized, used topically, and – a favorite to many – it can be eaten. When ingested, it takes longer for the initial effects to become noticeable, and after those effects set in you will likely feel them increasing in intensity, […]

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down After Owner Was Caught Selling Meth

An Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary has been shut down after the owner of the shop was arrested on Wednesday for selling meth. Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) arrested Jeffrey Peregrino, 38, the owner of the Left Handed Okies medical marijuana dispensary in Spiro, Oklahoma, who faces two counts of trafficking methamphetamine, according […]

SUM Microdose Tablets Expands Into California Cannabis Market

Colorado biotechnology company KelSie Biotech announced on Tuesday that its SUM Microdose line of products is expanding into California’s legal cannabis market. The company’s cannabis-infused products will be manufactured by Verde Natural, a cultivator and processor of marijuana products based in Colorado and California. Verde Natural also has a licensing agreement with KelSie Biotech to […]

The Future of Marijuana

I’ve often said that one of the more interesting aspects of cannabis law reform is how it will change the future. Think about the state of cannabis in 1950; now, imagine where things will be in 2050. The amount of change overall – especially when it comes to technology – that will occur within those […]

Three New Medical Cannabis Laws Have Taken Effect in Virginia

On July 1, a trio of medical marijuana bills signed in March by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam went into effect. Each expands Virginia’s medical marijuana program in important ways, from increasing access for students and people with disabilities to giving doctors more control to recommend medical cannabis. After an unsuccessful bid to legalize recreational marijuana […]

Police Test CBD Water Purchased at Gas Station and Find THC

Police in Alabama say a bottle of CBD-enhanced water on sale at gas stations tested positive for THC. The company that makes that water, CBD Cure, says that’s next to impossible. But a Facebook post the Summerdale Police Department put up May 15 shows THC field tests turning red due to the presence of the […]

Why is South Dakota’s Governor Still Against Legalizing Industrial Hemp?

There was a four-year stretch in the 1980s when one state after another raised the drinking age to 21, a trend that was prompted by the 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act. The law was a powerful and straightforward illustration of the federal government’s ability to influence action at the state-level. States would be required […]

New Ocean Grown Cookies & Blueberry Cookies Finally Arrives at Dinafem Seeds

Two brand-new stress from the Cookies household can now be discovered in Dinafem Seeds’’ brochure. Effectiveness, astonishing tastes, and unequalled scents. These are the 3 primary trademarks of the brand-new members of their collection. U.S. marijuana stress have actually won the hearts of countless growers worldwide. That’’ s a truth. The taste and effectiveness of […]